Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...and then things got weird!

Um, John Hamm? What's going on here?

Ok, things are back to normal. He's cleaning.

Wow, somebody is VERY tired! (and dramantic!)

Hubert Keller playing the guitar and looking so European! Look at his shoes!

Gordon and Hubert threw a little party.

Is TYRA! thinking about nuclear physics? Who knew?

So while John Hamm and Dr. Drew get down, Jamaica and Nina Garcia dance, and Ina Garten just stands around, Gordon proposes to Elle. Weird proposal.

Are Dr. Drew and John Hamm kissing?!?!! No, it was just the angle. Wa ha ha!

Right after Gordon proposed, he rushed off to bed. Its nice that after their contentious break up that Dr. Drew and Elle can share a dance together. Shortly after this the party ended and Hubert Keller also went up to bed.

And then things got weird!! LOOK AT THIS!!! All of a sudden there was creepy music and THIS appeared! (This was totally unprompted!)

The ghost walked across the room and curled up on the couch for a bit.

Then he stood in front of the stereo and stretched.

Then he went upstairs! OH NO, HUBERT KELLER!


The ghost is thinking about himself?

Oh, hello. Gordon Ramsey and Hubert Keller were very unfazed about all this.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to rest for a minute." The ghost sat on the bed for a bit.

Gordon Ramsey is nothing if not polite!

Gordon chatted with the ghost and nattered on about his recent engagement to Elle.

Apparently, the ghost didn't like that at all!

So Hubert Keller introduces himself and...

POOF! The ghost disappeared. C.R.E.E.P.Y!!!!!! What the heck??!?!?!?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Breakups, Fights, Flirting, and Tag!

Emeril asks the maid to play tag. She's into it!

We could see this one coming. Elle broke up with Dr. Drew. Gordon Ramsey literally waits in the wings!

Dr. Drew seems to have moved on -- now he's flirting with the maid.

Awk. ward.

Dr. Drew slaps Gordon Ramsey. I kind of think he's entitled.


Apparently, its a boring fight. Where are you going, Elle?

Gordon Ramsey, not surprisingly, kicks Dr. Drew's ass.

Everyone seems to have moved on.

Over at Candy's house. The new mom seems to be a little irritated with Mr. Whiskey. (I like how Patrick Ewing takes care of the baby while all the hostilities happen!)

Across the street, Sally Edwards threw a party. Um, Gordon smells, and EVERYONE notices!

Sally Edwards gets friendly with Hubert Keller.

Jamaica and John Hamm share a little smooch.

Beautiful view from Jamaica's house!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the rocks and a Unicorn! (oh, and Heidi Klum playing the guitar.)

The Dr. Drew/Elle marriage seems to be a bit on the rocks. Here he flirts with some random neighbor, and Elle isn't liking it. And Heidi Klum accompanies the action on her guitar as Emeril looks on while thinking about teddy bears.

So where is Elle running off to?

OOh! It looks like she's meeting up with hottie new neighbor Gordon Ramsey. And, uh, Hubert Keller. "Hubert? Do you have to go everywhere with Gordon?"

Flirting by the chess game. Hey, why is that lady talking smack about Gordon to Hubert?

Dr. who?? (and that lady is STILL talking about Gordon Ramsey while he's like a foot away!)

Back at the house, still flirting.

Ok, Emeril isn't really just "childlike." He seems to actually be a child! "I like Gordon!"

"I like unicorns!"

"I like dancing with Gordon AND I like unicorns!" Wa ha ha ha ha ha!!

Wow, boogie down, Emeril!

.....and Heidi Klum is STILL playing the guitar!

... still playing!

... STILL PLAYING! Gordon looks a little uncomfortable. "Um, how long do I have to stand here listening to her? I really want to play video games. Uh."